Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Importance of The Blankie

Lucy has a blanket:

When she was about 8 months old, it became apparent that this blanket was The Blankie.

So for her first birthday, she got these:

Blankie #2:

Blankie #3:

Blankie #4:

You may think that all these blankets look the same.

They're not.

Today The Blankie got washed. And I get the Worst Mom Ever award for forgetting to forward the laundry before bedtime. You would have thought that we were skinning Lucy alive if you had heard the screams that ensued when we tried to put her to bed without Blankie.

Blankie #2, which Lucy sleeps with every night was unacceptable.

Blankie #3, which Lucy will happily sleep with in the car was unacceptable.

And Blankie #4, which gets carried around the house all day was also unacceptable.

With each blanket offering the screams got louder.

So Lucy stayed up half an hour past bedtime, waiting for The Blankie to get out of the dryer. She is now happily asleep with a slightly damp blanket. But that's okay, because it is The Blankie.

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