Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day. Bright and sunny, with temperatures reaching a high of 83. We planned a dinner picnic at the botanical gardens to enjoy the weather.

The act of packing for the picnic took almost as long as the picnic.

We packed the kids.

We packed the double stroller.

We packed the diaper bag.

We packed the camera. And then had to return to the house to grab batteries for the camera.

We packed a ball for Lucy to play with. And a purse.

And finally, we packed food.

By the time we were ready to leave, our car looked like it was packed for a weekend camping trip, not a picnic. 

We got to the garden. 

We had our picnic.

 Lucy ran around a lot. 
Her ball nearly blew away.
 We took lots of pictures.

 We looked at flowers. And sticks, and rocks, which are obviously more exciting than flowers. 

We found a bumble bee, and Lucy tried to pet it. As I grabbed Lucy's hand away from the bee, I told her "No Lucy! That's a bee! We don't pet bees! They can sting you and that will hurt!" Lucy responded with "Bee?" and pointed to the bee.

"Yes Lucy, that's a bee. It can hurt you."

Lucy replied, "Bee. Ow! Ow!" and pointed again. I'm glad she got the message.

Then Lucy started getting tired. So she did the obvious thing, and went to bed. Right in the middle of the path. Ni-Ni Lucy!

Of course all of this was very exciting. But the most exciting part of the day for Lucy was the fact that the airport is right next to the garden. Every time a plane took off, Lucy said "Pain!!" and pointed to it.

Next time maybe we'll skip the garden and go to the airport instead!

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  1. super cute post. i enjoyed reading it , and looking at the pictures :)