Monday, March 28, 2011


Leaving the house with Lucy is an event.

I put her shoes on. Which required some discussion.

Sneakers or shiny black shoes or pink cowboy boots?

Brown ballet flats shouldn't be worn to play in the mud. No Lucy, shiny black shoes do not match your brown corduroy pants. You need to wear socks with your pink cowboy boots. Lucy, where are your socks?

Once we dealt with the shoes, I had to put her coat on. Which took time because Lucy wanted to do it herself. So I chased her around the house while she wore her coat like a superman cape and then dealt with the tantrum when I made her wear it correctly.

Then I had to get Tommy ready to go. While I put him in the carrier, the coat turned back into a superman cape.

Finally it was time to go.

As I put my hand on the door, Lucy got this panicked look on her face. She went running back into the house.

"Lucy what's wrong?"

She responded with incomprehensible whines and started looking around the room.

"Lucy what are you looking for? Can I help you?"

Then her face lit up, she charged across the room, grabbed her purse, and said "Phew!!"

Heaven forbid we leave the house without Lucy's purse.

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