Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Hats!

Tonight when I served Lucy her dinner, she responded with "Hot?"

"Yes, Lucy, it's hot. Blow on it."

Except that Lucy wasn't saying "hot." She was saying "Hat."

Big difference. Especially when she promptly responded to my affirmative by dumping her dinner (leftover chicken and dumplings) on her highchair tray and putting her bowl on her head.

I realized my error and corrected it. "No Lucy, not a hat!!" I took her bowl away.

Lucy looked at the pile of chicken and dumplings on her tray. She stuck her spoon in and took a bite. I decided to choose my battles on this one. Who needs a bowl? At least she was using the spoon! Then her face lit up. "HAT!" she exclaimed. And a big spoonful of chicken and dumplings landed on her head.

Apparently chicken and dumplings is as dangerous as spaghetti. Next time I'll feed her naked.

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