Monday, March 28, 2011

Diaper Dilemma

Today Tommy went up a size in diapers.

He now wears Size 1 diapers. The Size 1 diapers we bought happen to be the same make and model as Lucy's diapers - Pampers BabyDry. This means they're the same color as Lucy's diapers.

Lucy thought they were HER diapers. And she was Very Upset at having to share them. VERY. UPSET.

First, there were tears.

She flung herself on the floor and moaned "diiii-paaa" over and over again.

When I asked her what was wrong, she grabbed the diaper off Tommy and ran away with it. I put another one on him and she tried to take that one too.

Then she took the entire bag of diapers.

She threw them around the living room:

 And the kitchen:

And the den (where she "hid" the bag):

To make matters worse, Tommy was having a pooping day today.

So we repeated the drama every hour.

In the interest of family harmony, Tommy may be switching back to Pampers Swaddlers again. 


  1. Wow!!! I think I'd be switching back too!!

    How do you like the baby dry diapers? I love the swaddlers because they're so soft. But, will have to switch in a couple months (Jacob is already in size 2!! Yikes!) and I like to take advantage of deals ahead of time :)

  2. The Baby Dry has worked REALLY well for Lucy. So far so good for Tommy, but he's just started wearing them so it may just be too soon for leaking. I really like how soft the Pampers diapers are compared to the off brands I've tried. We tried Huggies with Lucy and had bad leak problems, but I've heard others rave about them.