Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hot food? What is that?

Not something I've had in a while. According to Lucy, all food is "hot" though, and it must be blown on before it can be eaten. Sometimes she blows so enthusiastically it lands on the floor. And sometimes the food never seems to cool off enough...such as carrots, or fish. Or at least, that is Lucy's explanation for why she didn't eat dinner, but still needs a cookie.

Lucy applies this concept in other areas of her life now too. Earlier Peter was making lunch and explained that the stove was hot. So Lucy obligingly blew on it for Peter. Unfortunately, the stove remained hot, and Lucy had to be evicted from the kitchen.

I, unfortunately, forgot to apply this concept to MY life yesterday. Peter held the baby during dinner so I could eat a hot meal, and I got so excited I popped the first bite in my mouth without blowing on it first. HOT!!

This is how to blow on hot food, stoves, etc.

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  1. Everyone can find room for a cookie, especially if it's a Trader Joe's, or better yet - a Girl Scout cookie!