Thursday, April 21, 2011


Lucy is starting to talk more.

Sometimes I understand her perfectly. Like I did during the conversation we had about her stuffed cat that she sleeps with every night. I went to get her out of bed one morning and she proceeded to explain to me that her cat was:

1) A "Cat!"  ("That's right! Lucy has a cat!")
2) "Meow!" ("Very good! The cat says 'meow!'")
3) "Soft!" ("Yes, your cat is very soft.")
4) "Cute!" ("Yep, it's a cute cat. You're cute too Lucy.")

Granted, the entire conversation was conducted with single words, but the point is that it WAS a conversation and I understood it.

Then there are the times when I'm completely clueless. For a couple of weeks Lucy had a mysterious problem with going down stairs. Every time we got to the top of the stairs and I started to help her down, she would start gabbling, gesturing, and dancing around. The only two words in the tirade that I could understand were "please" and "down."After lots of stamping she'd sit down on the top step and start crying, at which point I would give up and carry her down the stairs. Eventually (after lots and lots of charades on Lucy's part) I concluded that the problem was that she didn't want to go down the stairs on her bottom like a baby, but she was too afraid to walk down the stairs like an adult. So now she walks down ONE stair, with Mommy's help, and then I carry her down so her dignity can stay intact.

Most of the time, I have to puzzle it out. The other night I was putting Lucy down with Tommy's assistance. After story time, Tommy was offended that I put him down to put Lucy in her crib. He started crying. From her crib, Lucy started shouting "Ky-ee, ky-ee, Ty-Ty ky-ee." Which translated to "Crying, crying, Tommy, crying." (In case you couldn't figure that one out on your own, because I sure couldn't!) Then she started saying "Bear!" and giving me her stuffed bear. I agreed with her that it was a bear. I kissed Bear goodnight. I hugged Bear. I tucked Bear in. I complimented Bear. I gave Bear back to Lucy. She kept thrusting him at me. Finally she said "Ty-ty ky-ee. Bear," and pointed to Tommy. She wanted Tommy to have Bear to make him stop crying! I picked Tommy up, picked the bear up, and said goodnight. Lucy went to bed happy, and Tommy went to bed with Bear that night.

Naptime! (Without Bear's Help)

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  1. Sounds like Lucy and Eian are at the same stage. Eian gets so frustrated when he can't say what he wants or we don't understand him. We teach him signs but sometimes he makes up his own sign for something and I don't know what it stressful. It is like living with a little cave person. PS Love the picture. Tommy looks so cute.