Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today we went to the mall.

As we were walking around the bookstore I was thinking about how cute our kids can be. Lucy with her crazy red hair, friendly personality and downright pushiness of saying HI until you acknowledge her attracts a lot of attention.

Tommy is seven weeks old and something about that attracts women from two counties away so that they can coo over him and tell us how adooooorrrrable he is. Throw in the infant smiles that he's mastering and EVERYBODY becomes a total sucker for him.

However, as I was thinking about this I was not disturbed by the fact that K and I think our kids are the cutest around (we're the parents, that's our job) or my relatives constantly steal my kids photos and repost them on Facebook. It doesn't even bother me when complete strangers stop our circus style trek across the mall to tell us how cute/sweet/adorable/precious they are.


What disturbed me today was the fact that my kids KNOW they're cute.

And, they're not taking it anymore.

Walking around the mall Lucy is slumped down in the front seat of the stroller with her sunglasses conspicuously on her nose, looking around like the paparazzi are hiding around every corner. Meanwhile, Tommy is in his seat with the sun shade completely covering him so that he can't be seen.

Oh, and he also pulled his hood over his face just to be sure.

So, there it was. Walking through the mall today and the beginning of the end was there.

My kids are now self aware.


  1. How else am I supposed to have my friends ooh and ahh over them? I neeeeed to steal your pictures. Even my co-workers talk about how cute they are, and most of them don't remember that I actually have a brother and just assume Kathryn had a kid here and there lol

  2. If they were Kathryn's kids, you'd be showing them off in real life, not with photos!