Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Baby

This is Baby.

Baby's gender is unknown. Baby has a blue hat. Boy. And a Princess onesie with pink flowers and butterflies. Girl.

Lucy's birthday was a couple weeks ago. Baby's gender became an issue because we wanted to buy Baby some new clothes.

"Lucy, is Baby a girl or a boy?"
"He's a girl."
"SHE is a girl?"
"No, she is a boy."
"Does Baby have a name?"
"Yeah. BABY." 

We never established gender, so Baby got a gray hoodie and gray pants. It coordinates well with both the pink onesie and the blue hat.

Here's a picture of Baby in his new clothes:

Today we had the conversation again.

"Lucy, is Baby a girl or a boy?"
"Oh really? What's his name?"
"His name is Daddy." (Note: Lucy has a different doll that is a "Daddy Doll, with a picture of Daddy on it because Daddy is deployed).
"No, that's not Daddy. Your other doll is Daddy."
"Right. Daddy Doll is upstairs. This is my Baby Daddy." 

I have since officially christened Baby "Peter" - "Daddy's other name."

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