Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday Party!

Miss Lucy turned two on July 20th. We threw a birthday party for her last Sunday. She and two boyfriends played in the pool in the backyard for about two hours. Then they ate hotdogs. Lucy got lots of gifts. Her boyfriends were a bit bent out of shape that they didn't get lots of gifts too. Tommy chewed on his hands. Here is a sampling of some of her presents:

It's fun to dress Daddy up too:

A bed. It was too small:

Oh wait, not a bed for Lucy. A bed for Tommy?

A bed for Tori?

Oh I get it now, a bed for dolls!

Disclaimer: Despite the position of that doll, smothering babies to sleep is not a regular practice in this house.

The bed was a big hit. Even Lucy's friends tried out the bed:

And this kitchen, which I built myself:

I'm quite proud of it.

Then there was the cake situation. I made cupcakes. There were cats, dogs, bears, birds, fish, and bunnies. I was quite proud of them too.

Lucy took one bite and burst into tears. *Sigh*

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