Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Wear a Shirt

Lucy is starting to take an interest in dressing herself. It's quite the process. Here's how to put on a shirt, according to Lucy

    1. Find an arm hole.
    2. Put your leg in it.
    3. Pull the shirt up as far as you can.
    4. Get stuck.
    5. Run (hobble) in circles.
    6. Trip.

    7. Find the arm hole again.
    8. Put it over your head.

    9. Pull down until your nose pokes through.
    10. Run blindly into a wall.
    11. Remove the shirt.

    12. Find a bigger hole.
    13. Put the shirt over your head.

    14. Backwards.

    15. Pull down until you have a skirt.

    16. Run.
    17. Trip yourself.

    18. Take the shirt off.

    19. Take your shorts off too.
    20. Take your diaper off too.
    21. Do a naked dance.
    22. Declare yourself "Cute!"
    23. Find pajamas and wear them as a hat.

    24. Roll on the floor and say "NO! NO! NO!"
    25. Admit that you might need help.

    Who knew getting dressed could be such an event?! 


    1. My daughter-in-law will one day publish these stories, and make Many people laugh!