Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheerios Are Taking Over My Life

I deep cleaned the playroom this week. Those of you who know me understand that I'm more likely to get struck by lightning than do this type of cleaning.

The Playroom (On a Normal Day)
It was inspired by cheerios. Cheerios are taking over my life. I find them in the sofa. I find them in the toy bins. I find them in the depths under the table. I even found one behind the books on the bookshelf. In my shoes. On the window sill. You name it, there are cheerios there. It's amazing we don't have gigantic New York City sewer rats thriving on the cheerios Lucy has hidden all over the house.

The kids' reactions to this kind of cleaning was quite amusing.

When I was dusting, Lucy kept running off with my dust rag. Which means that next time I clean I'm going to find a large collection of holey, dusty socks somewhere. Tommy cried.

When I cleaned the windows, Lucy was right there beside me scrubbing....and running off with my paper towels. Tommy cried.

When I scrubbed the fingerprints off the walls, Lucy scrubbed too...and stole sponges. Tommy cried.

Sponge Thief

When I scrubbed the tables, Lucy helped...and ran off with my Lysol wipes. Tommy cried.

When I vacuumed, Lucy wanted a ride. Tommy cried.

So now Lucy has a nice stockpile of cleaning supplies, and will be taking over the household chores. Tommy, clearly, is a slob.

Slave Labor

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